Farm Updates

1st December

This will be a busy weekend so call in or ring to reserve a tree or wreath.

6th August

We are busy making jam and chutney ready for the Christmas season.

29th July

Pick Your Own or ready picked.
Ring Janet for daily updates

23rd July

No Pick Your Own available on Sunday as Saturday was particularly busy and the raspberry crop nee

21st July

Late crop of strawberries now ready and for sale in the shop

17th July

For the next few days we will open at 8am, so you can call for fruit early before it gets too hot

16th July

Blackcurrants, Raspberries & Redcurrants available now.

14th July

Plenty of blackcurrants at the moment and they are getting very ripe so if you need them get the

13th July

Raspberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants ready now

7th July

No PYO Strawberries left now. Hopefully the raspberry crop will be ready for picking next week.

5th July

The Pick Your Own Strawberry Crop is finished for now.

22nd June

The hot weather has really ripened the crop fast so if you are wanting to pick large quantities N

17th June

Strawberries are ready now, best to ring Janet to book a slot.

15th June

Ready picked fruit available from the farm shop daily.

10th June

We are picking our early crop of strawberries. These are on sale in our farm shop.

8th April

The shop will be closed until Sunday April 17th

17th February

The shop is currently closed. It will open 9am Thursday 24th February

30th January

The shop will be closed all day Monday but will be back open Tuesday at 9am as usual

30th January

January is marmalade season as the Seville oranges are in season.

24th December

Happy Christmas to all.

24th November

Christmas Tress and fresh foliage wreaths now available. Free local delivery. Open daily

31st August

Coffee and cake available throughout the year.

14th August

Raspberries available now. Ring Janet to book a slot. Please bring your own containers.

31st July

Raspberries ready now!

27th July

These are very ripe now with all the hot weather so if you are wanting some please do so asap.

24th July

Plenty of blackcurrants to pick. Raspberries are ready but please book to Pick Your Own.

16th July

Sorry all PYO strawberries gone at the moment. Raspberries in a couple of weeks.

11th July

It has been so busy this week we are having to let the strawberry crop take a day or two to ripen

6th July

Ring Janet to book a slot. Its raining today but we have some undercover!

2nd July

Our strawberries crops are planted to give as long a season as possible.

1st July

Limited number of people on the site at any one time so as last year ring Janet to book a slot

23rd June

Currently everything is at least 2 weeks later than last year. we will keep you posted

20th June

Waiting for more fruit to ripen! Farm shop and tea garden open.

18th June

After a wonderful start to the strawberry season with the early crop we have now got a gap whilst

18th June

As our early crop comes to an end we are now waiting for our main crop to ripen so our daily supp

9th June

The warm weather is lovely but we only pick early morning.

4th June

We are picking our early crop of strawberries and these are on sale in the farm shop.

23rd May

Warmer weather is on its way and so are the starwberries!

17th January

January is when the Seville Oranges are available and we are busy in the Strawberry Fields kitche

29th November

Christmas Trees in a variety of sizes from 3ft pot grown to 9 foot cut ones.

16th November

The farm shop is open daily 9am -4pm. Christmas trees from the end of November.

21st August

The strawberry season is over.

16th August

Fortunately the last crop of strawberries is under cover so if the rain continues you can still p

11th August

This lovely weather is suiting the late crop of strawberries.

3rd August

Our late crop of strawberries is now ready.

29th July

Raspberry picking is fully booked now for this week.

25th July

Our late crop of strawberries is now ready.

20th July

Our late crop of strawberries is ripening up at last.

10th July

If you are wanting to Pick Your Own they are ready NOW.

5th July

We are between crops at the moment so a limited supply of ready picked fruit until the next crop

3rd July

This cooler weather has slowed down ripening.

1st July

Our crops are planted on a staggered system so we can have strawberries through until the end of

28th June

Ring Janet to book a slot. No bending today, all on platforms.

27th June

Not a very nice morning weather wise but the fruit today is undercover.

26th June

Please ring Janet to book a slot if you would like to Pick Your Own.

22nd June

We are doing PYO today. Please ring Janet to book a time slot.

20th June

Please ring before you come to book in and check we are doing PYO on that date.

19th June

Ring before you come. When we start we will not be doing PYO strawberries everyday.

15th June

Yesterdays sunshine did a good job at ripening up our pick for today.

14th June

It has been a very busy weekend.

13th June

We have a few strawberries daily but are waiting for our main crop to ripen, The change of weathe

5th June

After a busy and furious 2 weeks of wonderful strawberries the cold weather has slowed things dow

1st June

Strawberries available daily, please ring to order if you can. Let's hope the sun keeps shining!

25th May

We have some strawberries ready. These are the early ones and are on sale in our farm shop.

19th May

The early crop is ripening so the first fruits are nearly there.

5th May

The early crop are looking good. Fruit is starting to form. Ripe fruit by end of month?

5th May

Leeks, courgettes, tomatoes, cabbage cauliflower, red cabbage, broad beans.

5th May

Fruit forming

5th May

The lovely weather has brought the strawberries into full flower with the early crop showing sign

21st April

Open as usual but observing all social distancing or we can deliver.

26th March

Our shop is still open.

29th November

We are open daily.

24th August

All Pick Your Own fruit is finished for the season.

10th August

Busy making a variety of pickles and chutneys.

10th August

Pick Your Own or Ready Picked raspberries available now.

5th August

Last chance this week for a cream scone! The café will close 4pm Sunday 11th August.

29th July

This is our big blackcurrant picking week.

22nd July

The late crop of strawberries is now ready. Pick Your Own or ready picked.

14th July

Raspberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants now ready if you want to Pick Your Own.

13th July

The raspberries have started and are available to pick your own or ready picked.

9th July

We have had a good fortnight of lovely weather - ideal for soft fruit.

27th June

We have started today for the first time. It is very wet underfoot so please come prepared.

16th June

We have a great crop of our first strawberries available from our shop counter.

11th June

We have ready picked strawberries available each day.

3rd June

Hello Strawberry season!

15th November

We have a wide selection of jams, chutneys, pickles, jellies.

27th September

We have a good selection of our own made jam, chutney and pickle.

9th August

The Tea Shop will close at 4.30pm on Sunday 12th.

30th July

This glorious summer has been a treat for us strawberry growers and we have been able to pick lov

9th July

The raspberry crop is ready.

3rd July

We have an incredible crop of strawberries for our ready picked counter, these we have been able

20th June

We have a wonderful crop of ready picked strawberries available from our farm shop all picked fre

4th June

Our first crop of strawberries are ready and available in our farm shop.

28th November

We have a variety of sizes available now. Call in and have a look.

27th November

The first of the trees will be arriving this week. Not sure which day yet.

8th November

We are getting ready for Christmas. Mother is peeling apples for the plum and apple chutney.

16th September

We are picking a few raspberries each day. The weather means very slow, steady ripening.

26th August

Still waiting for the crop to ripen! Keep ringing for updates.

5th August

We are now picking our late crop of strawberries.

20th July

The raspberry crop has been great this year with customers at the peak of the crop able to pick

7th July

There is a wonderful crop of raspberries this year. Pick Your Own or ready picked.

30th June

Unfortunately the heavy rain this week has wasted much of the current crop of strawberries.

20th June

Ready now.

5th June

This years early crop is on sale from as ready picked fruit from our own farm shop now.

17th April

Very busy time of year here at Strawberry Fields.

29th November

Christmas Tree are on sale now.

9th November

Our potted trees are now ready and the fresh cut ones will be available from the end of November.

8th August

If you want to pick your own there are only blackcurrants left now.

5th August
5th August

There are still some blackcurrants left to pick.

21st July

Its very busy here at Strawberry Fields, the lovely weather suits us all and the fruit.

2nd July

Strawberries are the first fruits ready now for picking. We are open daily from 9am to 7pm.

29th June

We have ready picked strawberries from our early crop.

8th June

We are busy with bedding plants and hanging baskets at the moment.

26th May

Ready now - bedding plants, basket plants, hanging baskets.
Ready picked strawberries

1st May

Busy here putting straw down in the strawberry beds to keep the fruit clean.

21st March

The shop is open daily for our own homemade jams,chutney frozen fruits and home baking.

13th December

Christmas Trees are selling fast though we have just had another delivery today (Sunday) of Nordm

25th November

Christmas Tree are on sale now.

9th November

Christmas Trees for sale from the last week in November.

28th August

Strawberries are finished for this season.

18th August

Raspberries are available ready picked or as Pick Your Own.

12th August

Raspberries, strawberries and blackcurrants still available.

9th August
9th August

We are picking the late crop of strawberries now. Available ready picked or to pick your own.

27th July

Open daily 8.30am -7,30pm.
Fresh fruit available or ready frozen

18th July

Lots of good strawberries still available while the weather has been kind to us.

9th July

Hi All,

27th June

We are hoping for a good warm week to speed things up.

15th June

Our first Strawberries are ready now. These are the early ones grown under the tunnel.

10th June

Thank goodness for some warm weather.